We compensate your solar self-consumption surplus in Spain at the best price

Take advantage of the rise in the price of electricity.

At Escandinava de Electricidad we pay you the maximum for the solar energy that you produce and do not need.


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We pay you your solar surplus at the real price of energy

Other vendors pay you a lower price. At Escandinava de Electricidad we pay you what the energy costs in the wholesale market in Spain.

We are the electricity company in Spain that has paid its customers the most for surpluses in recent months.

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What is our proposal?

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Pour the solar energy that you do not consume into the grid 

Sell your surplus and make your photovoltaic installation profitable.

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Get the best market price for your surplus

We pay you the maximum for the energy in your electricity bill

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We solve your doubts about simplified compensation

We advise you in a personalized way and without commitments